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ltsp initrd - create the ltsp.img initrd add-on


ltsp [ltsp-options] initrd


Create a secondary initrd in /srv/tftp/ltsp/ltsp.img, that contains the LTSP client code from /usr/share/ltsp/{client,common} and everything under /etc/ltsp, including the ltsp.conf settings file. Additionally it contains the server users and groups lists (passwd/group) and public SSH keys. LTSP clients receive this initrd in addition to their usual one.

This means that whenever you add new users or edit ltsp.conf(5), you need to run ltsp initrd to update ltsp.img, and reboot the clients.

It also means that you can very easily put template xorg.conf or sshfs or other files in /etc/ltsp, and have them on the clients in seconds, without having to run ltsp image.


See the ltsp(8) man page for ltsp-options.


Most live CDs do not contain sshfs, so by default you can only use NFS home with them. But sshfs is a small binary without many dependencies, so you may usually provide it to the clients if you include it to ltsp.img:

mkdir -p /etc/ltsp/bin
cp /usr/bin/sshfs /etc/ltsp/bin/sshfs-$(uname -m)
ltsp initrd

You can even provide multiple sshfs versions for different architectures. LTSP contains code to automatically use those sshfs binaries if it can't find the /usr/bin/sshfs one.