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Man pages

The LTSP man pages are the best source of information for LTSP. They are generated from markdown files in the LTSP source code. You may run man ltsp applet to read them from your terminal, or you may read them online here:

  • ltsp: entry point to Linux Terminal Server Project applets
  • ltsp.conf: configuration file for LTSP
  • ltsp dnsmasq: configure dnsmasq for LTSP
  • ltsp image: generate a squashfs image from an image source
  • ltsp info: gather support information about the LTSP installation
  • ltsp initrd: create the ltsp.img initrd add-on
  • ltsp ipxe: install iPXE binaries and configuration in TFTP
  • ltsp kernel: copy the kernel and initrd from an image to TFTP
  • ltsp nfs: configure NFS exports for LTSP
  • ltsp remoteapps: run applications on the LTSP server via ssh -X